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About Sieff (Ziv) and Marks School

Principal: Leah Klatchko
137, Hertzl Blvd Jerusalem 96228 Tel : 02 641 17 25 Fax : 02 642 90 92
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The Sieff and Marks School, (or Ziv as it is more commonly called) was founded in 1980 in the Beit Hakerem neighbourhood of Jerusalem. It is named after Israel and Simon Marks, British Jews who have devoted themselves towards the development of the State of Israel. Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel, situated in the Judean Hills. It is one of the most extraordinary cities in the world, comprising a combination of ancient history, spiritual sanctity and diverse cultures. Judaism, Christianity and Islam all lay claim to this beautiful city.


Ziv is a high school, comprising six grades (from 7th – 12th grades). Ziv offers its students a wide variety of subjects related to the sciences, technology and the arts. The students in the upper grades form the social leadership of the school. They publish the school's newspaper, operate the radio room and accompany the younger students on their school trips. They also assist the medical staff in school when necessary and organize outdoor events.


There are 1,100 students studying at our school in age groups (classes 7-12). The students at Ziv come from different socio-economic backgrounds and are fully integrated in the school. Many of them are new immigrants from all over the world.


Community Work Every student in the 9th ninth grade volunteers to work for a few hours every week in kindergartens, elementary schools and old-aged homes. In addition, students in all classes are involved in community work and participate in voluntary activities such as offering aid and distributing food to elderly people before the Jewish holidays, raising money for voluntary organizations through donation campaigns.


Students in the 10th and 11th grades at Ziv participate in workshops run by IPCRI. The Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information) is a joint Israeli-Palestinian public policy think-tank devoted to developing practical solutions for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Youth exchanges and study trips

  • Poland – Students participate in a study trip to Poland during the 11th grade. They participate in preparatory workshops throughout the year towards this study mission.

  • Germany – Students participate in a student exchange program to Germany during the 10th grade.

  • Army Preparation Students in the 12th grade participate in workshops designed to prepare them for their compulsory army service.

  • Education for Democracy 11th grade students learn about the democratic system, their civic duties and rights, and receive instruction regarding democratic values in civic society, tolerance and mutual respect.


The teachers, counselors and administration staff at Ziv try to create a pleasant atmosphere in school and be attentive to the students. At the same time, we believe in setting boundaries and maintaining a disciplinary frame. Working side by side, the staff and the students try to establish a creative and meaningful life in the school. We strive to educate our students to be responsible for their own actions in their studies, at school and in preparation for their future lives as citizens of this country.


  • Library: Our library also serves as the local community library and is situated in the school's building. It holds more than 30,000 reading books for loan. The library serves the student community during the morning hours. Every student at Ziv is permitted to exchange books at the library.

  • Radio and Newspaper: The students of Ziv take responsibility for writing a newspaper that's published 3 times a year. Students also operate a school radio twice a day during the long breaks.

  • Computers: Ziv has three well-equipped computer laboratories.


Sport is an important subject at Ziv. We believe that sports encourages students' personal development and social involvement. The school has modern sports facilities such as football, basketball and athletics fields, as well as a well-equipped gym. Dozens of our students belong to sports teams and take part in national tournaments.